Your Spine is Your Power!
Dr. Gabriela Carlos
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About Us

Dr. Gabriela Carlos

Former California Chiropractic Association LOME President

NO BONES ABOUT IT: Dr. Carlos can Adjust your Attitude about Chiropractic Care!

 Dr. Carlos has 25 years of hands on experience. She began her journey in this fascinating profession as a chiropractic assistant in 1993 and graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College Los Angeles in 2006.  She opened the doors to Carlos Chiropractic Care in 2008 and had dedicated herself to becoming one of the best chiropractors in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood regions.   Her specialty is restoring spinal flexibility by integrating chiropractic spinal adjustments, physiotherapy, massage therapy and therapeutic exercise. Carlos Chiropractic Care is a multidisciplinary practice chiropractic rehabilitation, reiki healing and the best massages in town.  

Dr. Carlos refers for X-rays and uses them as a diagnostic tool to get a complete understanding of every patient’s spinal health. She feels, “X-rays not only help study the spine, but help with preventative care such as good posture- really what modern medicine is now focusing on.” When a new client returns, they can expect a personalized. Treatment protocol which starts with the use of a hypervoltgun to massage the tension out of the muscles with a rapid percussion.  Followed by an incredibly strong massage using her own technic called Carlos Technic, physiotherapy modalities (Gua-Sha, Grasten Technique, ultrasound and therapeutic stretches) all prior to receiving the spinal adjustment. Dr. Gabriela Carlos is realigning the meaning of a visit to the chiropractor, redefining what true optimal spinal and overall health s to her patients.

The office has a zen vibe in which patients are given the best care and products to facilitate their care.  There is an exercise area to educate patients on proper ergonomics. (“Sit in the wobble chair, it helps the pelvis, lumbar spine disc and offers cervical traction.”) Dr. Carlos offers high end products for sale, to bring the ease and comfort experienced at her office to the home: tried-and-true lumbar support pillows & portable traction units, CBD products, chair support and a foot levelers scanner to provide custom orthotics are available.


Clients hydrate with complimentary, relaxing cup of tea, chilled water or vitamin water while being updated on cutting edge products that are seen on the offices 50” LED flat screen TV. As a first-time client, expect a personal consultation with Dr. Carlos in which she will discuss chiropractic care and complete a very thorough examination which includes palpation, range of motion, muscle testing and orthopedic testing.  The V.I.P. treatment continues as patients enjoy a high zen design of healing art and an overall area- all lit with soft, relaxing spotlights. These elements image the comfortable and personal experience that is a visit to the office of Dr. Carlos. 

Dr. Gabriela Carlos has 25 years of hands-on experience: as a chiropractic assistant to then becoming an associate for three years prior to opening Carlos Chiropractic Care.  As a Latina business owner of her own holistic-oriented practice for the last 12 years, in the heart of West Hollywood and the beautiful Doheny Dr. She has a store from facility with ample street and patient parking.   Unique approaches separate her from other chiropractors. She offers traction units and long ropes, mounted on the wall to warm up the neck and open back muscles, and restore the loss of cervical curves that has become a pandemic for our youngers patients as a result of looking down at cell phones.   “I feel the most joy when a client gets up from the adjustment table with an overwhelming sense of rejuvenation and immediate pain relief…what a joy to be a part of the creative healing process,” claims Dr. Carlos. 
Patients can pinpoint a time to visit the MASSAGE ROOM as well as the ambient, Himalayan salt lamp lit and healing crystals.   Choose to have a 15, 30, 1 hour or 90 Minute massage with spa trained massage therapist.  Treat yourself to a healing, sports or lymphatic massage.  We also have prenatal massages available with our cozy bump pillow that allows our pregnant mamas to lay comfortable face down which getting the most relaxing massages.  The pampering continues with complimentary paraffin: therapeutic, lavender scented wax often used in high-end spas that, along with softening skin and removing dead cells, soothes the hand-related pain that comes with arthritis and excess computer work and texting. Dr. Carlos states dipping hands in paraffin draws new red blood cells to the hands, promoting rejuvenation and healing.  All new patients– whether seeking out Dr. Carlos to rehabilitate sports and/or work injuries or restorative car will take home a complimentary custom ice pack which can also be micro waved for heat relief. 
Dr. Carlos offers affordable cash plans, accepts most insurance/HMO plans and credit cards. 
Monday & Wednesday: 9am– 5pm |  Tuesday & Thursday 1 – 6pm |  Friday: 9am – 1pm |  Saturday: 8:30 am – 1pm Sunday 9am – 1pm (Massages only)
Note: We require a 2 hour cancellation or you will be charged the full fee of the service scheduled.  Late appointments:  There is a 10 minute grace period prior to cancellation of your appointment but you treatment will be limited to an adjustment only and you still still be responsible for the full payment of the service.

About Chiropractic

Chiropractic is the fastest growing natural health care profession in the world.  It was discovered in 1895 in Davenport, Iowa.  Doctors of chiropractic specialize in locating and correcting a serious condition known as Vertebral Subluxation.

A Vertebral Subluxation is a misalignment of one or more of the twenty-four moveable bones of the spine.  They are commonly caused by stresses and impacts to the body from poor posture, poor sleeping habits, slips and falls, vehicular accidents, sports impacts, strenuous exercise and  work injuries.

 Subluxations can cause dangerous stress to the spinal cord and the delicate spinal nerves, which exit the spine between the spinal bones.  This can cause irritation to the nerves and interferes with their ability to function properly.  This nerve interference can impair the  function of the system of the body supplied by those nerves.

Chiropractic treatments called spinal adjustments are comfortable, safe, and highly effective.  Physiotherapy is also an important part of the treatments.  We use electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, massage therapy and therapeutic exercises. People of all ages can receive chiropractic care to stay healthy.  Chiropractors are highly educated, caring professionals sensitive to the natural health care needs of your family.

It may be obvious that you need to see a Chiropractor if you are experiencing neck pain, back pain, hip pain, headaches, numbness or curvature of the spine.  However, many people don’t realize that chiropractic care has an excellent record of success helping many health conditions.  Maintaining a healthy and well-aligned spine is extremely important and is the most often overlooked key to staying healthy.

On your first visit, you will be asked to fill out our new patient paperwork. You wil consult with Dr. Carlos about your current condition and your history.  Dr. Carlos will then perform a thorough chiropractic examination which includes, range of motion, muscle testing, palpation and orthopedic testing. You may be referred out for xrays if the doctor determines the need for them.  Dr. Carlos will educate you on chiropractic care and advise you if your condition can benefit from this treatment.

Spinal Adjustments 
Physiotherapy Modalities
Carlos Technique
Graston Technique
Therapeutic Stretching
Electric Muscle Stimulation
Hypervolt Gun
Therapeutic Exercises
Cervical Traction
Wobble Chair (lumbar spinal disc mobility)
Massage Therapy
15 min, 30 min, 1 hour  or 90 minute healing massages
Prenatal Massages (cozy bump pillow)
Sports Massages
Lymphatic Drainage Massages
Thai Massages
Paraffin Wax Therapy (complimentary
Orthotic fittings digital scanner
Wellness & Nutrition